Philip Glenister & Life on Mars co-star John Simm have reunited for a racy crime thriller set in 1980s London. Tuesday will open in UK cinemas from 10th October.

But Tuesday sees the duo ditch their TV police personas and take on the characters of ruthless career criminals. They are joined in Tuesday by a stellar cast including veteran actor Kevin McNally (Valkyrie, Pirates of the Caribbean, Scoop, The Phantom of the Opera), as well as Ashley Walters (Sugarhouse, Waz, Hustle), Cristian Solimeno (Perfect Hideout, La Terze Madre, Unstoppable) and Kate Magowan (Stardust, Kidulthood, It’s All Gone Pete Tong).

Written and directed by Sacha Bennett, Tuesday is a ‘heist gone right’ story, revealed by the suspects through a series of interrogations. The big question is who got away with it? As the investigating detectives (Kevin McNally and Dylan Brown) try and piece together the jigsaw, they start to realise that nothing is as it seems…

Philip Glenister, who stars as Earp – the head ’villain’ – says the role is a world away from his TV character DCI Gene Hunt: “John and I are the bad boys,” says Philip. “We rob a bank. We rob a few banks actually…”

Writer and director Sacha Bennett: “Seeing Phil and John as hardened criminals working on the other side of the law will no doubt take devoted Life on Mars fans by surprise. Joining them as the other two jewel thieves in their crew are Ashley Walters and Cristian Solimeno, and the dynamic between all four actors is terrific to watch. We’ve a great ensemble cast with Kate Magowan and Dylan Brown, along with Kevin McNally, Kirsty Mitchell and Linal Haft.”

The film is written and directed by Sacha Bennett and is a JAPAN Films production, produced by Sacha Bennett and Jonathan Parsons. The executive producers are Berry Van Zweiten, Paul Fournel and Nigel Bliss. It was shot on location in Woolwich.

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It’s a Heist Gone Right
Release date: 10th October 2008
Certificate: 15
Running time: 78 mins

TUESDAY is a taut, fast-moving heist story, revealed by the suspects through a series of police interrogations. By coincidence, four experienced criminals, two beautiful bank clerks and one desperate penniless man nearing retirement decide to rob the same bank on the same day. Two detectives must piece together seemingly unrelated people and clues and determine who really stole the Meidan-i-Noor – an emerald the size of a fist.

London in the 1980’s is a city quickly adapting to new technologies in the fields of finance, music, computer games and of course, bank security.

The bank robbers have been dubbed ‘The Cowboys’ by the press. SILVER is the driver. BUTCH is the muscle. BILLY is the brains and EARP is the experience. EARP knows that opportunities are becoming harder to find and so the last job had better be a big one.

The two banks clerks are ANGIE and SAMANTHA. Angie feels that she’s been passed over for promotion because of her gender. Samantha is tired of her job and easily led. Both are gorgeous, and certainly trouble for anyone taking them for granted, and that includes bank robbers.

WILLIAM is a middle-aged suburban salary slave, whose independently wealthy wife is having an open affair with his boss. What William does best, is to suffer in silence, although all that’s about to change when he discovers that a bank will not lend him enough money to cut his losses and move on.

JAPAN Films is a British film production company that is passionate about promoting and developing British talent. It is backed by some big names from the worlds of film and finance, combining financial know-how with some of the most creative talents in the film business.

Producer Jonathan Parsons and writer and director Sacha Bennett first worked together on an award-winning short film called Devilwood, a period ‘chiller’ shot on HD which is now being developed into a major TV series with John Simm.

Building on that success, “Tuesday” brings together an international, award-winning cast and crew, all committed to making quality British cinema.

JAPAN Films is now moving into pre-production and development on a host of feature films starring some of the best international acting talent.


Silver – John Simm
Earp – Philip Glenister
Billy – Ashley Walters
Butch – Cristian Solimeno
Jerry – Kevin McNally
William – Linal Haft
Angie – Kate Magowan
Samantha – Kirsty Mitchell
Thomas – Dylan Brown
Mr. Jacobs – Alex Macqueen

Writer/Director – Sacha Bennett
Producers – Sacha Bennett and Jonathan Parsons
Executive Producers – Berry van Zwieten, Nigel Bliss and Paul Fournel
Cinematographer – Nic Lawson
Production Designers – Richard Hudson and Ana Viana
Sound Designer – Gernot Fuhrmann
Costume Designer – Verity Cleary
Hair and Make Up Designer – Amy Moorcroft
Production Manager – Sian Buckley
1st Assistant Director – Chris Burgess
2nd Assistant Director – Nick Starr
Gaffer – Mark Thornton
Camera Operator and Steadicam – Richard Stoddard
Focus Puller – Erin Stevens
Second Camera – Matt Poytner
3rd Assistant Director – Richard Brown
Armourer – Chris Gudgeon
Visual Effects – Paul McGuinness
Special Effects – Jonathan Fawkner